Swing your yield to new heights

Inspired by the fast swing of a pendulum at its equilibrium position that represents the point of maximum kinetic energy in the system, Equilibria Finance is on a mission to help you achieve your maximum potential.

Led by a team of DeFi OGs with years of experience in the industry, our platform is customized and optimized for Pendle Finance. In particular, the platform is designed exclusively for $PENDLE holders and liquidity providers, offering an easy-to-use platform to maximize your profits.

It leverages the veToken/boosted yield model adopted by Pendle Finance to provide a boosted yield for LPs and extra reward to PENDLE holders with a tokenized version of vePENDLE, ePENDLE. If you are not familiar with veToken/boosted yield model, read the Pendle Finance doc here.

With the support of our growing community and partners, we plan to extend our project to other leading protocols in the future. Join us today and swing into action with Equilibria Finance!

Key Benefits For Participants

Equilibria will benefit all participants:

LPs on Pendle can boost their yield by depositing into Pendle through Equilibria even if they don't hold any vePENDLE position.

PENDLE holders can convert their PEDNLE on Equilibria and receive ePENDLE (a liquid version of vePENDLE) with the original token being locked on the Pendle Platform. Besides all the benefits associated with the PENDLE token itself, ePENDLE can be staked to receive rewards and can be swapped back to PENDLE on DEXes.

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