Rewards for ePENDLE Stakers

ePENDLE is a liquid wrapper of vePENDLE. (Please feel free to check here for more info about ePENDLE). It can be staked to earn the following rewards:

  1. Fee/rewards generated on PENDLE and shared with vePENDLE holders will be distribute to the ePENDLE stakers on Equilibria. These will be distributed every 4-5 weeks depending on when the fees are available on Pendle.

  2. Fee sharing on Equilibria. Stakers are entitled to a share of the total fee generated on Equilibria. Because we utilize Consolidated Reports to share these fees, they will be distributed every few days.

  3. EQB/xEQB rewards, will be emitted depending on PENDLE tokens earned. As these rewards are related to PENDLE fees, they will be released according to the schedule detailed in point2 above.

  4. Any extra rewards that may become available for ePENDLE stakers in the future.

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