Fetch the votes

The votes results can be fetched via API below:

https://equilibria.fi/api/vote-info/[week]/[Pendle Market LP contract address]

Input Parameters:

[Week] represents the votes result in the specific week(Epoch = Week), you can find this parameter from Snapshot or Vote page.

[Pendle Market LP contract address] represents the pool which you can find at Stake page.

Output Parameters:

The output will be in form of JSON and here is a piece of example code with https://equilibria.fi/api/vote-info/37/0xC9beCdbC62efb867cB52222b34c187fB170379C6:

"week": "Week #37",
"marketChainId": 1,
"market": "0xC9beCdbC62efb867cB52222b34c187fB170379C6",
"totalVlEQB": 6000,
"votersVlEQB": {
    "0x8549D43ac2741219a7D26754fbE1801b82184A3B": 3000, 
    "0x43712aA9E234C20E07071839446a9ddcF546abc6": 6000

The totalVLEQB is the total vlEQB voted on the pool;

The voetersVLEQB are the voters address who votes on the pool and their vlEQB amount.

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