APY Calculation

There are several APYs on the front end. The APY for the ePENDLE stake and Pendle Boosted pools work in the same way as with Convex.

Every time our pool receives boosted rewards from Pendle Finance, the rewards will be distributed to different addresses, one for LP holders, one for ePENDLE stakers, one for vlEQB holders, etc.

The rewards for LP holders will be linearly distributed over 7 days.

This means there will be two types of APY - a current APY and a projected APY.

Projected APY

This is what we are currently showing on our UI. The yield percentage currently generated by the pool is based on several factors, including the current TVL, current Pendle Gauge boost active on a specific pool and rewards priced in USD.

If all parameters stay exactly the same for a few weeks (TVL, PENDLE boost, PENDLE price, EQB price, potential 3rd party incentives), the projected APY will eventually turn into the current APR. As that scenario is very unlikely to happen, projected APR should be taken with a grain of salt. All fees have already been already subtracted from this number.

Current APY

This is the current net yield percentage you will get on your LPs when you are in the pool. All fees have already been subtracted from this number. I.e. if you have 100k in a pool with 100% current APR, you'll be receiving ~274 USD worth of rewards per day.

This yield is based on all active harvests which have already been called and are being sent to to active participants in the pool over a 7 day period from the moment a harvest was called. When you join the pool, you will instantly receive this yield per block.

Because of this, the bootstrapping time will make the current APY (the real yield you receive) much smaller than the Projected APY (which is displayed on the UI right now). However, after 7 days your Current APY will be very similar to the Projected APY.

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