EQB is the name of the Equilibria Finance governance token. The total supply is 100,000,000 and most of it will be distributed to protocol participants. (For more details, please see our Tokenomics)

There are multiple use cases for EQB:

  • Participate in the governance

  • Votes to earn bribe rewards

  • Earn protocol fees

  • Other use cases can be found - or will be developed - in the EQB ecosystem

How can you get EQB

  • EQB can be purchased on DEXes

  • EQB is emitted as a reward for PENDLE LPs on Equilibria

  • EQB is rewarded to ePENDLE stakers

  • EQB is distributed to ePENDLE-PENDLE liquidity providers that stake their LP tokens on Equilibria finance

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