Why Equilibria

Proven veToken Model

The efficacy of the veToken model has been proven time and again by successful projects such as Curve/Convex and Balancer/Aura. As we enter the era of vePendle, we are confident that this model will create a long-term alignment between stakers and the protocol, leading to exponential growth for our project.

Newfound Market Opportunities

Pendle Finance is bringing the trillion-dollar traditional finance interest derivative market into DeFi, making it accessible to all. As the industry leader in this space, Pendle Finance is well-positioned to capture billions in Total Value Locked (TVL) and take a significant share of the market as the DeFi space grows.

With an innovative approach and commitment to driving value for users, we are poised to revolutionize the world of interest derivatives and drive the DeFi industry forward.

Beyond the Curve Wars

Equilibria’s vision is to drive innovation in the field. In other words, our goal is not to simply create a Convex layer on Pendle. We also intend to introduce several novel features, such as the YT market for vlEQB, limit orders for the PT/YT trading, and cross-chain implementation.

Professional Team

Our team of contributors are DeFi experts, with a deep understanding of the veToken model and successful experience in developing and operating veToken aggregators. With multiple years of web2/web3 development experience, we have the skills and will to drive Equilibria Finance to success.

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