Besides the EQB/xEQB emission, EQB can be converted to xEQB and xEQB can be redeemed as EQB.

Converting EQB to xEQB

In addition to the normal emission of EQB, to unlock the full potential of EQB, the token can be converted into xEQB through a conversion process at a 1:1 exchange ratio.

Redeeming xEQB as EQB

xEQB can be redeemed for EQB, with redemption periods ranging from 2 to 24 weeks. If you choose the 2-week redemption option, you will receive half the quantity of EQB after the 2-week lock-up period. For example, if you redeem 100 xEQB after 2 weeks, you will receive 50 EQB. If you choose the 24-week redemption option, you will receive the full amount of EQB.

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