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PENDLE BN launch campaign

Exciting News📢
Our amazing fren @pendle_fi, just dropped the bombshell news of their Binance Listing!
To celebrate this milestone for Pendle-Eco & Equilibria's one-month anniversary, we're launching an ePENDLE staking campaign!
Total 200,000 xEQB will be rewarded, Get ready for 4 weeks of rewards in xEQB.
⏰ The campaign runs from July 5th 6:00 UTC +0 to August 2th 6:00 UTC+0.
💰 xEQB rewards are given weekly based on your ePENDLE staked and xEQB will be streaming payout in 7 days to avoid any arbitrage.
🔍 For example, let's say you stake 100 ePENDLE for 1 week, and the total amount staked is 1000 ePENDLE. In this case, your ePENDLE staked shares would entitle you to a 1/10 reward.
Note: If you leave the pool before rewards are issued, you won't get the reward for that week.
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