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  • If a user converts PENDLE on Equilibria, he/she will receive ePENDLE and PENDLE will be locked as long as possible on Pendle Finance to acquire maximal vePENDLE.
  • ePENDLE is a tokenized version of vePENDLE. Users will get ePENDLE at a 1:1 rate with PENDLE converted.

Why should you hold ePENDLE

Earning extra yield

  • ePENDLE can be staked to earn the extra yield from:
    • Fees generated from vePENDLE which Equilibria owns, paid out as ETH;
    • Extra rewards from the protocol fee sharing, paid out as PENDLE;
    • Extra rewards from Equilibria emissions;
  • Provide liquidity for ePENDLE on our partner DEXes and earn liquidity farming reward;

Exiting a position without waiting for the vePENDLE unlock

  • Equilibria will incentivize the ePENDLE/PENDLE liquidity by leveraging the ecosystem partners' effective liquidity pools;
  • ePENDLE can be swapped back to PENDLE from those liquidity pools;
  • However, please notice that the ePENDLE/PENDLE exchange rate is fully decided by the market.